Does installation wood floor want to hit glue?

Floor glue is a kind of adhesive used when paving wood floors, which can make wood floors firmly fixed on the cement base. Shall I use floor glue? What is the main action of floor glue? Take a look!

▼ Do You Need glue for Flooring? Actually, should not use floor glue to shop floor, also be opinions vary. Some think it is better to use floor glue, so that the floor is easy to level; And another part of the people think that formaldehyde in floor glue is easy to cause indoor air pollution. The floor of a lot of big brands uses lock structure actually now, do not need to use floor glue at all when installation. Now people have "smell formaldehyde color change". When laying wood floor, some wood floor can use glue, and formaldehyde is contained in glue, the floor glue with poor quality can bring about formaldehyde to exceed bid, must cause to take seriously.

▼ In addition, the glue used in the floor manufacturing process is also worth mentioning. Production aggrandizement floor and solid wood compound floor also need via adhesive agent agglutinate, adhesive agent contains formaldehyde. Adhesives less, wood floor water logging performance is poor, so wood floor with formaldehyde is inevitable. But as long as the formaldehyde content is controlled within a reasonable value, it will not affect human health.
The glue quality that produces enterprise place uses is uneven, because this is buying when the floor should choose reliable, the big brand that gets trust!

▼ The combination of the floor glue
1. It can penetrate the floor substrate internal curing after the combination of the effect.
2. Moisture-proof effect, in the cracks of the floor after adding glue not only sealed isolation of water vapor and due to its infiltration into the high density board will form a layer of moisture-resistant waterproof protective layer.
3. Because the special glue has a certain toughness after curing, it can make the floor connected more closely, and it is not easy to cause the separation of rubber board and the hardening of the floor.

Now, the exempt glue floor that used lock technology also has very outstanding advantage: for example installation is simple, facilitate to tear open outfit and reuse, maintain convenient in the future, a bit more important is environmental protection! Today, people attach great importance to health problems, and users are more willing to pursue higher environmental protection conditions.

Choose the floor of division I just is more worthy of trust, professional installation master people, can careful leveling, do every step of floor laid, give you rest assured rely on. Summary: actually with need not floor glue is each have advantage, the most important is to choose good to floor, good to health also shop outfit means, can accomplish these two points, it is best!

Does installation wood floor want to hit glue1

Post time: Jun-18-2022