The Floor Basic Maintenance

First of all, we must develop good cleaning habits. No matter what the floor is, it should be dusted frequently. The second is to keep the floor dry. Third, we must choose floor care products carefully.

The Floor Basic Maintenance1

After household is decorated, still have a lot of things to be worth us to take seriously, for example of floor protect!

1. Avoid sunlight on the floor
The paint floor after laid, reduce the sun to bask in directly as far as possible, lest paint illuminate via ultraviolet ray is overmuch, crack ahead of schedule and ageing. Furniture is placed on the floor to apply eraser or other soft cushion, in case carve floor paint.

2. Prevent ground leakage
If encounter central heating or other leakage at the ground, must timely wipe clean, cannot insolate with the sun directly or electric furnace bakes, lest dry too fast, floor craze.

3. Keep the floor dry and clean
Do not allow wet mop, mop or swabbed with alkali water, soapy water, lest destroy the brightness of paint, damage paint film. If encounter ash or dirty usable dry mop or with twist dry wet mop wipe. Waxing once a month (or two months) (wipe off moisture and stains before waxing).

4. Do not put hot water basin and other things on the floor
The floor with good lacquer does not live for a long time, avoid by all means goes up with plastic cloth or newspaper cover, time grows paint film can be sticky, lose luster, at the same time by all means avoid the content such as pot of hot water, hot rice is put on floor surface directly, apply board or straw mat is worn, lest hot bad paint film.

5. The floor stains even if clean
Local board face is touched with smear carelessly should be cleared in time, if have oil mark usable dishcloth or mop dips in warm water or a few washing powder is wiped, also usable neuter soap water adds a few swabbing. If stain is serious, use this law invalid, usable high grade sandpaper or steel velvet is wiped gently. If it is a drug, drink or paint stain, it must be removed before it has penetrated the wood surface by wiping it with a soft cloth dipped in furniture wax. If still invalid, must dip in furniture wax with steel velvet brush. If the surface of floor layer is burned by cigarette end, the soft cloth that soaked furniture wax is wiped forcibly can restore brightness. If ink is contaminated, should be wiped with dip wax soft cloth in time, if invalid, can dip in furniture wax with steel velvet again wipe.

6. Even if the warped floor is replaced
The floor is in use process, if discover individual floor is become up or fall off, should take a floor in time, shovel go old glue and ash end, besmear new glue, compacted; If individual floor paint film is damaged or show white, usable 400 water sandpaper dips in soap water burnish, wipe clean next, after waiting for dry, undertake local complementary color, after lubricious dry, brush besmear paint again, after drying 24 hours, polish with 400 water sandpaper, brush wax to undertake polishing next.

Post time: Jun-18-2022